About Glennon Gordon, LICSW

My name is Glennon Gordon, LICSW.  I have been consulting with individuals, couples and families in the Washington, DC area for 14 years which may make me sound old but I hope you’ll go for wise instead.  I obtained my MSW from New York University and completed my post graduate training at The Georgetown Family Center, The Bowen Center for the Study of the Family. Bowen Family Systems Theory is the theoretical base I use when consulting with people and a theory I can’t imagine living without.  This is not a set of techniques or ideas for quick fixes. This is a way to understand and conceptualize life going on around you in a totally different way then you are used to.

The idea of systems theory in a nut shell is that we don’t exist in a vacuum.  We are all a part of a system and are all effected and effect those in that system.  Understanding your contribution to the system and learning how to function more optimally in that system is central to Bowen theory.

You can learn more about it at http://www.thebowencenter.org.

I absolutely adore what I do.  Working with couples to understand what is really going on in there most important relationship brings me joy.


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